Quality  It's all in the details!  JMS pays attention to communications, refers to the best providers, attends to follow up needs; and this simply gets results.

Expertise  With more than 20 years experience in medical management, JMS RNs are expert in their field.  Staff RNs know how to handle catastrophic injuries as well as chronic repetitive claims.

Local  We are not a national chain, but rather local and specialized for responsive customer service. 

Cost effective Our savings reports show customers just how effective case management can be with JMS on the file.

What to expect...
Medical Case Management
Occupational Consulting
JMS Consulting, LLC, Medical Case Management, Conway, AR
  We put a human face and a human touch
  to insurance rules and limitations to assure:

        Injured worker medical needs are met,
        Providers focus on the work injury,
        Employers plan for return to work       


      Catastrophic injury? We have it covered. 
        Task Assignment? Sure. 
Medical Management? Absolutely. We are                                            flexible and resourceful.

Cheryl A. Johnson, RN, CCM, CEAS II
Founder, CEO JMS Consulting, LLC
"Case Management can benefit your Bottom Line
                                from the Starting Line."      ~ Cheryl Johnson
Rebecca Olson, RN
Stacy Mathis, RN

Lu Ann Innis, RN
Jacqueline Cooper, RN
Kelli Wells, RN
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