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Dear JMS Consulting,
  The purpose of this letter is to let you know the fantastic care and services we received from our nurse.  She contacted me almost immediately after our arrival at the hospital. She was in contact with us during hospital stays, and on discharge she sent us home with her phone number. That was probably a bad thing for her but a good thing for us! She became our “go to” person if we had a question or concern. She would always get the answer or solution for us. David was bleeding more than normal after one of his procedures and the outpatient department would not return my calls, but she told us what to do. She coordinated all of David’s visits with providers, therapists, etc.  
  As you can understand, the last 9 months have been very stressful. We thank God that He put JMS in our lives so that she could direct us through this difficult period. We will always be grateful.
Hearing from our patients keeps us going!  We know there will also be areas we need to improve.  Click             to complete a survey.