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  • Workstation Evaluations
  • Risk Assessments
  • Causation Evaluations
  • Claim Validation Evaluations
  • Ergonomic Job Analysis

Medical Case Management
UR PreAuthorizations
One of the most effective  tools in controlling workers compensation costs is prompt referral for Medical Case Management.  We can assist at every step along the way to expedite closure with the best possible outcome.  For full Medical Case Management  or Task Assignments,  our RN Case Managers utilize the best specialized providers assuring the most reasonable and necessary treatment.

  • Catastrophic Injury Management
  • IME Coordination
  • Hospital Assessments
  • Return to Work

In an era of accountability, JMS Pre-Authorization Services has the specialized knowledge and tools to eliminate waste and unnecessary services, while avoiding potentially harmful delays in care.  As required by Rule 30 by the ARWCC, JMS Pre-Authorization allows for great impact to assure medical necessity in a timely manner for services exceeding $1000 per day. 

Outpatient Rehabilitation is a $29.6 billion industry, with physical therapy accounting for 90% of spending.  ARWCC Rule 30 allows for pre-authorization of physical therapy, providing for accountability and best practice controls to decrease excessive utilization and costs.
Dedicated Telephonic CM
Work comp claims close 70% faster with a RN Case Manager, so you'd love a case manager on every file - but you must be discretionary with CM utilization.  Telephonic Case Management (TCM) is designed to impact injury claims with early intervention, and without onsite travel expenses.  Our RNs undergo additional training for engagement and impact. RTW is our number one focus!  We also have the flexibility for easy Task Assignment to field CM if indicated. 
Ergonomic Consulting
Narcotic Review
Misuse and abuse of controlled substances is a reality of the healthcare world today. In the workers' compensation field we strive to ensure legitimate use of drugs and combat illegal trade and diversion of controlled substances. We provide pharmacy reports to show objective evidence of addiction risk or suspicious activity such as selling medications. A 24-hour turnaround is typical and multi-state reports can be requested.
Workstation Assessments are an ergonomic analysis of a work area to document the physical demands and identify risk factors for: appropriate job placement, musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs), inefficiencies in production, and areas needed for change or adaptation. 

Our staff are focused on assisting employers, employees, and carriers with specialized needs in the workplace. Our Occupation Consultants can help you with injury prevention, injury causation determinations, light duty programs, Ergonomics Programs, and RTW Assistance.
JMS Consulting, LLC, Medical Case Management, Conway, AR
Dr. Kirk Reynolds, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

JMS brings expertise to garner additional cost savings with Medical Bill Review. Our customized program applies:

  • State Fee Schedule
  • PPO Discounts
  • Provider Contracts
  • Integration with Utilization Review decisions
  • Duplicate provider billings
  • Improper billing codes

Although automation has become standard for processing claim billings, JMS again uses our attention to detail by manually reviewing 30-40% for appropriate “level of service” analysis. Certified Auditiors and RNs review medical reports and supporting documentation to assess proper coding. 

Higher volume of manual analysis and customization for our customers…It’s the JMS way of Bill Review.
24/7/365 RN Triage Hotline

Our comprehensive range of services and solutions means we can guarantee success for every company we advise, no matter the size or industry. Learn more about our areas of expertise below.
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JMSONCALLTM is a 24/7/365 call line direct to a JMS RN Case Manager for emergent, new, and existing work injuries. The JMS RN will take a telephonic report of the injury. In some cases, a digital picture can be sent to the RN to better assess the burn or laceration. Appropriate telephonic medical management will be coordinated with OSHA recordable triggers in consideration.

  • RN Case Managers intake all of your worksite injuries
  • All calls are recorded and saved for your convenience 
  • Facilitate first aid with an appropriate medical provider
  • Educate the provider to decrease OSHA recordables without compromising appropriate treatment 
  • Immediate post treatment update to QHSE contact
  • Full written report to TPA within 24 hours

Medical Bill Review
Our Expertise
Medicare Set Asides

Using expert analysis, our Certified RN MSA Consultant estimates every possible future medical expense related to an injury, including prescriptions, tests, surgeries, other medical procedures, doctor’s visits, supplies, etc. We then file the final MSA proposal with CMS and assist in preparation of settlement documents for funding, and administration of the allocation funds. Our legal partnership will take care of structuring settlement allocations.

​Pre-MSA Medical Cost Projections can be performed to determine areas where medical expenditures can be reasonably decreased and lower exposure

  • Submissions and non-submissions
  • Pre-MSA Reviews
  • WCMSA and Liability MSA