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The Healthiest Worker Is One Who Is Back To Work.

The JMS Way of case management for workers compensation brings stewardship and medical expertise in a collaborative process to meet the  medical needs of the injured worker, resulting in quality, cost effective outcomes. 

We get the injured worker back to work and life, faster. 

At JMS Consulting we provide an experienced nurse to coordinate care and act as a liaison between the patient, the provider, the employer, and the adjuster. Ensuring that with our medical knowledge and management the patient will have the best possible outcome.

Have you been frustrated by nurse case management that:

  • Makes big promises but doesn't deliver?

  • Doesn't consistently communicate with you?

  • Costs you time and money without providing value?

  • Doesn't know the local providers or doctors?

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On average, we save our customers $18,000 per claim

In 2015 alone, 30.7 billion dollars in lost wage compensation was paid out to employees off of work due to workers comp injuries.

At JMS Consulting we know how valuable it is to get an employee back to work in an efficient and effective manner. 


Efficiency - On average, our assigned nurse has touched base with the adjuster and patient within 2 hours of the referral being received. We know how valuable your time is. Therefore, we put a major emphasis on immediate response and swift assignment.  


Consistency - With our intensive training and ongoing supervision, we ensure quality and consistency across all of our nurses. You get The JMS Way of case management no matter what nurse gets assigned to your case. 


Communication - JMS nurses always deliver detailed notes and create consistent lines of communication with all parties involved throughout the life of the file. 


Attention to detail - Our nurses are trained to have an eye to detail. We do our due diligence to ensure nothing is missed. Going above and beyond is in our DNA because we know how important it is to make sure a full picture of every case is captured. 

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 Four Ways To Know That Your Case 

 Management Is Working For You 

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